Кафе + енергия



Section 1. Subject of the Rules

These Rules define the terms and conditions for conducting a Promotional Campaign under the motto "Coffee+Energy" and regulate the relations between the Organizer and individuals, participants in the Game.

Section 2. Organizer

2.1. The organizer of the Promotion is "TTN Commerce EOOD", EIK 202825455, "TTN Energy OOD", EIK 204951292 with headquarters and management addresses: Sofia, ul. Maystor Alexi Rilets 17
2.2. The Organizer organizes and conducts the Game independently or by outsourcing to third parties persons, provides the technical and communication means for conducting the Promotion and provides the subject prizes for the winning participants.

Section 3. Period and territory of the Promotion. Communication.

3.1. The promotion takes place in the period from 24.03.2023 to 24.07.2023 inclusive.
3.2. The promotion takes place in selected AVIA shopping complexes on the territory of Bulgaria. A list of sites participating in the Promotion is published on the Internet on the website of The organizer The organizer informs users about the rules and the conditions for conducting the Promotion by publishing the Rules for participation on the Internet the Organizer's page by distributing the Rules and other communications materials in AVIA shopping complexes participating in the Promotion, as well as in other appropriate ways at its sole discretion.
Participating shopping complexes:
Avia Vladaya / Sofia
Avia Magistrala Hemus 45KM / Botevgrad

3.3. The organizer informs the users about this Promotion and through the employees of shopping complexes, which provide information to customers about the terms and conditions of the Promotion.

Section 4. Requirements to Participants

4.1. Right to participate in the awards under item 6.1. have natural persons who on the date of participation are over 18 years old in the Game.
4.2. Individuals who meet the above requirements cannot participate in the Promotion. who work under an employment or civil contract for the Organizer or for third parties to whom The organizer has commissioned activities for the organization and conduct of the Promotion, as well as their related parties. Parents, spouses and minors are considered related persons children.

Section 5. Terms of participation in the Game

5.1. To participate in the Game, persons who meet the requirements of Section 4 must c During the holding period to purchase a Prima bistro drink and/or fill up more than 20 liters of fuel premium AVIA GOLD from the shopping complexes participating in the Promotion and to receive promotional (scratch) card/s to participate in now. When buying drinks Prima bistro in within one visit to a shopping complex participating in the promotion, the participant of the game may receive no more than three scratch cards. When charging more than a minimum of 20 liters of AVIA GOLD fuel within one visit to a merchant participating in the promotion complex the participant receives only one scratch card. For example: When charging more than 20 liters AVIA GOLD fuel and a purchase of more than three coffees, the customer receives up to three scratch cards.
5.2. A person who meets the requirements under item 4.1. and has purchased a Prima bistro drink/s or is tank over 20 l. AVIA GOLD fuel, receives one or more scratch cards. The Participant must to erase the field at the bottom of the scratch card to find out immediately if he wins one of the prizes described in item 6.1.

Section 6. Awards

6.1. Each participant who owns a scratch card has a chance to win a prize by scratching stretch the field. With the deletion, the participant immediately knows if they win one of the following awards:
6.1.1. Espresso Café (standard, short, or long)
6.1.2. Croissant with butter (warm showcase)
6.1.3. Candy AVIA
6.1.4. Mineral water (Ledina 0.5l)

Section 7. Receipt and Terms of Use of Prizes

7.1.1. The prizes under item 6.1. are obtained as follows:
1. Free Prima bistro Café - in the AVIA shopping complexes participating in the Promotion, until 24.07.2023, against handing over the promotional scratch card;
2. Free croissant with butter (warm showcase) in participating AVIA shopping complexes The promotion, until 24.07..2023, against handing over the promotional scratch card;
3. Free AVIA candy - in the AVIA shopping complexes participating in the Promotion, until 07/24/2023, against handing over the promotional scratch card;
4. Free water (Ledina 0.5l) - in the AVIA shopping complexes participating in the Promotion, until 24. 07. 2023, against handing over the promotional scratch card.

Section 8. Relationship with the Promoter

For questions related to this Game, users can use the telephone line 0877422222 (at a price for the call according to the tariff plan of the subscriber) or write an email to

Section 9. Personal Data

No personal data is collected or processed during the Promotion.

Section 10. Liability

The organizer is not responsible for damages caused to participants in the Promotion as a whole and/or for errors and/or deficiencies in its conduct as a whole, due to extraordinary circumstances, malfunctions or technical errors on the website and/or in the service information and communication and telecommunication infrastructure.
10.1. The Organizer is not responsible for failure to fulfill its obligations under these Rules or for errors in conducting the Promotion as a whole, due to force majeure circumstances, malfunctions or technical, software or hardware problems that have arisen due to the behavior of third parties and are not the fault of Organizer and are beyond the control of the companies.
10.2. The organizer has the right to disqualify a participant in the event of violations found in the process of participation in the Promotion or in the event of a violation of these Rules. The Organizer's decision is final and binding on the Participant.

Section 11. Final Provisions

11.1. For the Promotion Period, these rules are available on the Organizer's website at as well as in the shopping complexes.
11.2. These Rules represent the complete rules governing the terms and conditions for conducting the Promotion and the participation of users in it. With regard to the Rules and the Promotion in general, the provisions of Bulgarian legislation apply.
11.3. All disputes between the Organizer and users arising in connection with the Promotion will be resolved in a spirit of goodwill through negotiations between them, and if this proves impossible – by the competent Bulgarian court in the city of Sofia.
11.4. These Rules enter into force on 24.03.2023 and are valid for the entire Promotion Period. The Organizer reserves the right to supplement or change these Rules, and the changes will come into effect after they are published on the Organizer's website at Users should check for themselves at https://ttn-petrol. bg /or in the shopping complexes participating in the Promotion for changes in the Rules and the Organizer is not obliged to inform them in any other way about the changes that have occurred.