TTN Commerce Ltd. is the official representative of AVIA-International for Bulgaria.

A brand with a history

In 1927 several independent petroleum importers in Switzerland joined forces under the name of AVIA. Following the motto: "Together we are stronger". Benefit from the advantages of an international group while remaining independent at the same time - a pretty convincing concept! The word soon got around. And countless companies adopted the AVIA philosophy as their own during the 1950s as more and more companies from other European countries joined in. And then, in 1960, AVIA INTERNATIONAL was born. In the meantime the AVIA brand is proudly represented by more than 2900 petrol stations and over 80 member companies in 14 European countries. AVIA - a sure sign of quality, service and a customer orientation

AVIA is customer-oriented - in every way

No matter what our product or service is, we never lose the focus on fulfilling our customer's wishes. AVIA stands for stability, safety and service - for the private, small customer just as much as for the major consumer. Thanks to the fact that AVIA is not a large conglomerate, we are flexible enough to be not only located in center on main highways, but also in rural areas. Because regional anchorage means personal commitment - For you ! Our independent companies stand for user friendly policies, thanks to their proximity to the market and to their local roots.

The Environment

While other companies in the petroleum sector are still talking about measures to protect the climate and save on resources, AVIA has already taken the initiative and introduced new, innovative products geared towards reducing the environmental burden. Examples of the development are fuels and heating substances with organic components from sustainable production that extend beyond legal minimum requirements and new products such as natural gas and pellets.

To excel you need special qualities

AVIA is supplied by the largest refineries in Europe. But wherever it originates - there is one thing that every AVIA product must fulfill: the most stringent quality requirements. They must completely comply with the rigorous, independent quality control procedures of laboratories from Portugal to the Czech Republic, from the Netherlands to southern most part of Italy. Only when they have successfully passed various tests and been enriched with the special AVIA additives can a refined petroleum product become an AVIA product.

  • Fuel for every type of vehicle, from economical city car to spacious 18-wheel articulated lorry
  • Lubricants for the most modern, high-tech-capable machines and motors
  • Liquid gas and heating oil for demanding industrial applications and for private use
  • AVIA Petrol Station in Switzerland (1960)
  • AVIA over the years