Compensation of 0.25 BGN per liter of fuel

Important news and conditions for receiving the compensation from the 25th for
liter of fuel at gas stations AVIA Vladaya and AVIA Hemus 45 km

1. Applies to natural persons only
2. There is no limit on the amount of fuel and the number of refills
Motor vehicles entitled to compensation are passenger cars - (only category M1);
  mopeds, motorcycles (all two-wheeled or three-wheeled of category L)
3. Types of fuels:
- ÁVIA Diesel (diesel fuel),
- AVIA 95H (petrol A95),
- LPG (propane-butane),
- CNG (natural gas/methane)

*NO tube filling or anything other than
the tank of the car!
Any customer wishing to use a subsidy of 25 cents per liter
must present a motor vehicle license plate and comply with the above

The vehicle must be owned by an individual. In theory there is
likely to be of a company with an individual user - then again there is
discount right. These are lease cars, and usually the lease is
of a company.

In the extended fiscal receipt, instead of the name and address of the recipient, it is indicated
"Recipient of fuel compensation under ZDBRB" and instead of identification
number of the recipient is indicated as "0000000025". The registration number is entered
motor vehicle number.

This extended fiscal voucher does not reflect sales of motor fuels,
for which compensations are not provided.

A natural person - recipient of the compensation is not entitled to a deduction of
tax credit under the Value Added Tax Act for accrued
value added tax specified in issued invoices for which it is
used compensation, and the expense reported on these invoices is not recognized
for tax purposes.